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Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Hab. Hanna Mazur-Marzec, University of Gdansk, Poland
Session ||| Environmental microbiology
Topic ||| Biochemical ecology of the Baltic cyanobacteria

Dr. Jean Armengaud, CEA-Marcoule, Laboratory “Innovative technologies for Detection and Diagnostics”, France
Session ||| Omic approaches and bioinformatics in microbiology
Topic ||| Amazing perspectives of microbial proteogenomics and metaproteomics

Dennis Bamford
Professor Dennis Bamford, University of Helsinki, Finland
Session ||| Genetics, biochemistry and physiology of microorganisms and bacteriophages
Topic ||| More order to the viral universe

Hanne Ingmer
Professor Hanne Ingmer, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Session ||| Medical and health aspects of microbiology
Topic ||| Bacterial resistance to antibiotics

Thomas Alter
Professor Thomas Alter, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
Session ||| Applied microbiology and biotechnology
Topic ||| Microbial behavior in the food chain